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Monday, September 26, 2011


Just so you know I have posted this before click here for pictures. , but it is often as exciting for me to pack for a trip than it is to wonder about a planed trip so far in advance

While yet months away, I am enjoying all my research on customs, attire, exotic foods I want to try... and how to order them, not to forget research on weather!

I have people in line for care of the animals, I have back ups on the horses, but need a back up for the birds.

It is incredible that I am working on two trips.
The Amazon ,and riding the horses to Nashville. Each as exciting as the other when I gathering information.

4 pair of pants,
3 long sleeve tops,
3 short sleeve tops
4 pair of socks
4 pair of under garments
my hiking boots
a hat
lots of sunscreen
tiny bottle of facial scrub
small bottle of facial lotion
tiny deodorant
tooth paste
insect repellent! 99% deet
reading glasses
ONE book to leave there
one nice hair comb (looks and brushing)

I will wear my black dress on the plane, good shoes, a scarf, and a nice blouse.
sun glasses

I have made a few changes from my previous post, as now I am using compression bags, and then putting the compression's into zip locks. even less room than before and I am putting it all in a carry on.  I am leaving nothing to chance as they now charge so much for luggage I can do without the added expense as I don't spend that much on goodies the entire time I am gone.

Darn Air Companies!

compression bags are round so space between them is packed with all my other little goodies listed in the previous post.  All I have to do is make sure it will fit BELOW the seat in front of me so I have everything I need ( including food) all in less than 3 oz packages, and nothing in soft forms, must be bars, or solid packing no jars of jelly etc....

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