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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

While we all live at a fast pace! Where I live...as I have said before ... if you go the speed limit you are more likely to be hit than to hit someone, unless it is ME on my horses! the avid cycliest that train here year around, OR one of the locals who really does get around on a bike, a scooter, or by foot! 

But I have noticed having done so many of these road rides I am now driving slower, getting lights flashing in my rearview mirror, and people honking their horns.  

I am not doing this horse ride to proove anything! 
I am not doing this horse ride to break a record ( I get asked this on the road when people stop me! Where are you going? WHY? is there a time record you are trying to break? ) I love their reactions when I say 

I'm doing this for me, I've always wanted to do it and life is too short NOT to do what you love.

So once again this is a day of reflection, collection of more route info... and a day to just tell every five year old out there to never loose their imagination.  

Adults are more worried about things... NOT BILLS, after all.... beyond basic food, water, electricity and BASIC shelter the rest is created by YOU.  (YOU estimating what you will have instead of what you DO have)... but having what the "Jones's" have!  
Who CARES! Have what you need, and do the things you LOVE! if you happen to get more than you need, great! share it! or use it for good. 

It is not about the labels on your purse, clothes, or shoes! 
It is about the things life can not take away from you. 

For me?  While I may SUCK at this ride, I may freeze my "arce" off, I will know that if I fail it was my own fault, if I do it and succeed (my own definition, not yours, not some strangers written dictionary! MY TERMS!) then guess what ... that means I die with even a larger smile on my face! after all what else are you going to take with you?   I have found after having lost all four grandparents, their thoughts, their dreams, their travels and experiences are all still there in their last days, when often times nothing else is! 

My terms... 
I will not harm the health of my horses.  their life on the road... as long as I am with them YES... 
I will not harm my health.  We all have our own issues! 
We tend to be too relaxed in our lives, this is a way I can wake myself up and challenge myself mentally and physically. 

At this point I have to say! If you all haven't noticed all ready!   I am able to do this because I have a husband who only wants me to have personal balance, personal achievements, and will support me in anything that races through my mind that I set my teeth into!   My love, my heart, my body all go out to Jerry D Finley, my cheerleader! 

When was the last time you did something that pushed you to your limits? 

Really !   I want to hear about it! 
Even it if it was reading a specific novel that challenged you! A challenge is a challenge! what's yours?

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