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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Saddles, Legs, and physical hurdles

For those of you who know me, I've had leg issues most ... ( over 30 years) of my life.

I have one leg that is just not quite right.  It functions more like I'm in my 80's than in my 40's.  It will not hold my body weight when in a bend, and gives me enough issue when straight.  really too many to get into, besides... what does it matter?  it's a bum leg! We all have something that is an issue.

I can only imagine because of there being little muscle mass in that leg the hard western saddle I am using on my mare is pinching a nerve in that silly leg.  I have started to use a sheep skin, doubled over for extra padding under my bum and under / down that leg.  It makes my rides a little more bearable but not perfect as of yet.

I am at this point asking for hints, advise, and serious words on how I might deal with this physical issue a little better.  We all know I'm not the only one with a bum leg riding a horse.  So many ride that have no control over legs etc...   I just need some ideas.

NO I can't get another saddle!   not to mention $$$$$  but...
THIS is the saddle in question!   no padding at all!
This one fits my little girl and her comfort, considering she is going to carry me over 300 miles is just as important as mine.... if not more!

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