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Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 ten years ago.

It is hard to believe, I was living in Sheveport LA on the day of.  I remember the imediate rush of testosterone in the office I was in... The men... patiences, doctors, workers, I'm signing up! One Dr I worked closely with even had me contact a person at FEMA.   Life went on, as well we could, then the rumor of the president being there just over the river on the base ...

As I read over this email I copied and pasted below! I didn't even remember any of the other stuff from that day! THAT is how the day un rolled!

It was that next day, when I walked to work my senses were heightened and I had to write an email to my family about it!

Back then I wrote blanket emails of my life, much as I do with my blogging now adays, I'll try to find a hard copy and re-post tomorrow if I can find it!   If anyone in the family has it! feel free to send it again!

FOUND my 9-11 post! Thanks to my mother!

Sent: Tuesday, September 11, 2001 1:20:48 PM
Subject: serious day.

    I started out the day thinking I would tell you how yesterday went.  I
was one of the worst days I had experienced in Shreveport as of yet, but now
I know things in the world can get worse.

    When everyone gets this we will all have more information, but have you
ever considered how arrogant we Americans are?    To think, we thought,
nothing would happen, someone has issued and executed a very well thought
out plan.  You know other countries are laughing, that we allowed someone to
force us into shutting down every airport in the country, and many of our
subway system. All the other countries are able to isolate the insodents...
they shut down an area and life goes on.  Grant you, most other countries
are not our size.

Our communication abilities will probably be the next to go.  after all ATT
has shut down all services in and out of New York as it is.

    To have an American made land mark destroyed, no telling how many lives
lost.  To have the pentagon, the white house and an airport in another state
all harmed to some extent.  There is no telling what else could happen

It is amazing how this has affected everyone.  The patients are glued to the
television out in the waiting area, then their entire demeanor changes...
They are all angry or sad, basically depending on their sex.  The women are
observed as walking down the hall with their head lower than normal.  The
men are tight fisted and eager to voice their thoughts.  We should... is the
most common phrase today.  Someone will pay... is a close second place.

I have been fortunate to know my family is safe.  I am fortunate to know I
am not in a large city today.

    Wow!!!!! and I thought yesterday was bad.  This is the biggest thing to
happen to Americans in years. Sadly enough it will more than likely only
wake us up as a country for a year or so.  Look at OK city!

    Can you imagine! the panic, the extent of energy beyond that of the
Oklahoma bombing, this is not a matter we Americans of my generation are
accustomed to being exposed to.

Exposure... the president just landed here with 3 fighters around.  It was
said to be a wild tale, but was supposently just confirmed.... Now that's a
little too amazing to me if I am in a small coonass city with a confirmed
major air force fighting base and they have just brought the president here.
Now how exciting can that be.  If it is true... I am amazed they took him
over, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi, that makes it a little far fetched
for me but that is what is being said.  (I am sure other states are saying
the same thing he's here he's here, we all scream, We are the special ones
they all say. )  This we will only know as time tells.  Oh yea just incase
it is history the time is 11:50am  central time.
Ok so this is the rest of the story.  this is the head quarters for the
airforce.  This is a nuclear war site.  Wow!  I had no idea.  If I can
visit base before I leave, I will have to do that.  Wow that's sorta
interesting. ..

back to much lighter situations...
My day yesterday.

My company is not sure what to do with me, they do not want to lose me as an
employee so they figure they will ship me from office to office for the time
being.  So I suppose this will be another adventure in itself but... Another
chapter in my book.  I don't want to pay rent if I am not going to be home
except on the weekends.  Why would I dare spend more money than I have too.
Besides I would need one major baby sitter down here.

My day only got better!

My neighbors I have yet to describe in full detail have in some form
effected me.  Lilly and RC live on the other side of Noma.  (the house
with art. ) So they do not live on my street and I can barely see their
but.... man....

The house that effected my day yesterday...and the days before.  The house
is two story, a family
of five lives down stairs and a family of four up stairs.  They share
utilities... water, gas and electricity.  Don't ask me why the landlord
left it that way.  The two apartments are truly separate.

So anyway the upstairs family...
Kim, the mother.
BreAnna the four year old.
the baby, I can never remember her name, (I  am just not a baby person)
and the husband, whom I could care less who or what he is.

Kim has no gas because the bills have not been paid, a collective problem.
BreAnna just had a birthday.

So Kim comes over with the baby,and BreAnna in tow, along with cup cake
pans, all the ingredience, towels, shampoo, and conditioner. Not to mention
the new shiner on her left eye.

Yea so she asked me if she could use my oven.  They have no gas.  She asked
me if she could take a bath and bathe the children.  So, all of this sounds
fine, then she asked for leftovers, because the children had not eaten.
Understand, all the ovens and stoves are gas as well.

Ok so how am I suppose to refuse any of this... I can't let a child go

So first things first, lets get the cupcakes going.  To my amazement, Kim
knew what all to purchase but had no idea how to make cup cakes.  So I
ended up making the cupcakes and icing only two thirds of them.  They were
cute.... The first batch was strawberry, the second, chocolate.  We put
white iceing on the pink and chocolate on the others.  They were in cute
little barbie paperliners.  But after doing this...She had to bathe the
kids, where I started preparing food.  Then I (of all people) had to watch
the kids while she took a shower.

So I have gotten out food I had saved for just such an occassion, you know
one where you have no idea where your next paycheck is going to come from.
I got out 3 days worth of food, thinking I would eat myself.  Well I put
together what I could for BreAnna and then a plate for Kim.  While I am
cleaning the mess just about to make my plate I realize Kim is done and
wanting more.  Well I suppose.... Please help yourself, she acted as though
she had not eaten in days.  I am not used to this from her.  She ate 2 and
1/2 servings, BreAnna only ate half a serving.  She has lost weight but I
assumed she was trying to.  Not that she apsolutely has to but...it's not a
bad thing.

So here I am in a day of history where just yesterday I was feeling like I
had a third world country living in the house across the street and then
today we get bombed like one.

Asking everyone at work how this day has affected them at this very moment
in time, I have gotten several responces... One simply put as fear.  One
that of a concerned mother for her children and the welfare of her
grandchildren.  Another a little more pratical... she knows it is not
effecting her personally, but it will effect her environment.  She is glad
to be traveling in and out of the country in a short while, (going to
Germany) because the bombing has made that safer in general for a while.
Until Americans in general get lazy and think once again it's not going to
happen here.

Have a good day and I am glad to know my family is safe.

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