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Thursday, September 29, 2011

While I'm at work!

Lots of people on the Estate today!

three digging holes for deck footings, one burning brush from chemical kill.

One of them left the barn door open, after I hidden his fees/payments in the barn.  Lesson Learned! don't do that again! horses went through their hay, feed bin open? etc... life!

Yesterday we unloaded over 60 bails of hay into the barn, it was the first day in two weeks the ground was dry enough to drive to the barn.

Pasture looks perfect, too bad only one horse only a few minutes a day can get on it.

I'll have to take more photos once the decks get started!

Sorry there have been no pictures lately... I am at the barn before sun up, and about dusk. my attention is care and working of horses, fences, feed, water and hay.  Not photos.

4 am till 7 or past... is a little harder in the dark hours of fall and only getting shorter and darker each day!

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