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Monday, September 5, 2011

oh how we spoil ourselves.

In preparation of my horse riding, camping trip to Nashville TN in the winter!  I have to get not only my body, mind, and horses in shape but... I'm having to get my stomach and taste buds to deal with the changes ahead.

I know!   Laugh all you want but I have had a french press for my coffee sense I left home on my own.  Even my father knew its importance when he gave me a camping press for Christmas one year as I was camping off Sweet Pea years ago.

Having said that I've picked up my instant packs at the grocers and forcing myself to drink it black.  For those who know me I always drink my coffee black, but when its bad coffee I drown it in cream.  No cream on this trip! It would be frozen at night, or spoiled by the heat of the horse in the day and too much weight for the trip.

Oh how I have spoiled myself without realizing it! Coffee?  who would have thought it was such a luxury?

NO  don't mention Starbucks to me!  I can't stand their normal coffee... taste burn to me, ALTHOUGH I crave their espresso.  I remember the days of living alone in St Louis, stopping by and getting two or three shots of espresso on my way into work.  THAT was pure luxury!   That I would be likely to kill for on the trip this winter.... Wonder if they have a place for me to tie up the horses as I pass through Chattanooga or Knoxville... which ever it might be.

No still haven't made up my mind on a route... I know! I'm working on it!

much love to the world,
and Much love to my missing french pressed coffee this morning... uggg to the ( no names given) instant single servings I now carry!


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