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Monday, September 19, 2011

Well I went home for the night.

Going "home" is ... hard.
Anytime I go; I try to hit more than one bird with what ever stone I throw.

Going home for catfish was no different.
I got my truck worked on.
I got some hay from Paradox Farms.
I got to see one friend only because he helped me with my hay!
I barely got to spend two minutes talking to my dad.  but did finally get to see him make a few things! (i'll have to post again later! )

Because I have chosen a slower life style; dinner was overwhelming to me. So many people, so many things to catch up on. Zach, Lain, Danny and all their kids!  my how they have grown!   Aunt Gale, Aunt Sheri, Uncle Steve, Mother and Bill.  Amanda, Luke, Betsy, Peter, Olivia Emma, and Henry... so many so little time

It was all so much I had to stop by mothers on the way out to get a breather and see how she was.

I also never eat that much... much less with that much grease, so dinner made me sick at my stomach.
Emma came over to sleep with me, we giggled till I fell asleep, then up before 4am... I almost left but it all caught up with me and I didn't leave till after 7 their time.   Dropped off Emma... she had to show me how she can break into the house! ha ha ha..

It is amazing how being gone only a few short hours you see so much more with fresh eyes when you return.

Horses have ? fungus... rain rot? barn fungus etc... so many names same darn thing!   So bad I can't ride them! horrible stuff but I caught it in time.

Yes I knew Sweet pea had it before I left, but Navarre's hair is so long already... I didn't feel it in the early stages on him, it was horrible when I got back!   He as usual is the one I'm worried about.  She will be fine, we all hate that MTG stuff! especially this time of year considering it smells like... bacon, smoked meat, or a barbecue!   I'm worried about the bears that are always around the barn!   Do not want them getting any ideas!   I'll start using my home made concoction when I run out!  I just wanted a head start considering this is time out of the saddle and time not getting them or me ready for the ride.

I am almost certain it is from borrowing someone else's saddle and pad.
So out for med Sunday... got two bottles which should last me a week for both horses..
Got new saddle pads as well.

I'm taking my old one to the car wash spraying it off then coming home putting bleach solution on it, and hoping to rotate it on my riding this winter.   But now that crap is in my barn, in my barn yard and I'll be fighting it from now on.  ? Horses? kids?

Now the weather is perfect and I can't ride! tiz life... isn't this the way it always happens.

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