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Friday, September 23, 2011

Lots going on while horses rest

While I get a few days off from riding, and somehow work as well; everything fell together nicely as the rain trickles down at a perfect pace it is still just warm enough to work and get things in order before fall and winter really set in.

There was a huge tree on the west side of my barn, the more I looked at it the more it had to go.  It was a soft although somehow considered hard wood Poplar ... that with the first ice storm would have ended up on my barn.  So as its base is about 5 feet across it split off into 4 other trees and all of them were a problem!

There are several still up hill from the barn, I hope to save my money again and have them trimmed / unbalanced to fall AWAY from my barn if and when they do.  I also got a quote on the trees ABOVE my neighbors house... my property wraps around their house within 20 feet and I worry about it all winter as well.

I got the huge one around my barn taken down by a good tree climber/ surgeon ... good guy! Great prices! good at what he does! and does what he says hes going to! Call me if you need one! I recommend this guy! really!

I then had some quotes on the decks I've been planning for years... Besides I've got to at least get the footings done so I can plant those beautiful Japanese Maples I've been nursing all spring and summer!

Today I have to take down a fence, dig a hole for the fish pond, dig more holes for some grass I hope to get from a friend this month or next... , reset some t post around the barn ( thanks to a silly horse)   and work some plumbing from the fish pond so I can eventually get over flow down to the garden!  yep! I'm all about using everything I've got.   Down to the fish poop!

horse tails and pest eating plants are ready to be put around the pond... hopefully two ponds but i'm dreaming now! One will do me today.

After all I only have a few hours to get these things done before I have to get back to work myself!

Oh well I'm sure you day will be more productive!
Love Amber.

back after a few hours.  Fence down, another made more stable, fish pond in the ground, horses fed, rocks collected for dry creek for over flow from pond (for the moment! till I get my plumbing in for the garden only...4 acres away!) at any rate I'm home again covered in layer after layer of red clay, one jacket looks horrible, pants a new color and two shirts are ? well beyond donation status.

Gotta get the clay from under the nails and get to another job!   But I enjoyed playing in the rain, and making mud pies around the new pond!

more later.

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