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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Toilet paper!

Yep!   I have a roll, but what of the shovel?
I need a light weight shovel, as there is no promise of my being able to tie up the horses, go into some place and SIT down to relieve myself.

I know it is a normal body function but no one speaks of it!  You cant just GO where ever you want! Human waste is TOXIC, it contaminates grounds and one has to be respectful!   So I need to find a shovel as I do not want to carry my waste with me.

One good book ... How to Shit in the Woods... sounds horrible, but a good, funny read!   Jerry got it for me a year or so ago as I was going into Yellowstone with Daddy, and I dare not contaminate such a beautiful place! It worked, but so did the park system of having plenty of compost toilets around!  

Oh well on with the list.
On with the issues I will see, or cause along my route.
Route? no answer yet! I'm going to have to drive each to choose!
So on in the car I go ASAP.

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