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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

one of those days.

Its days like today that even I think I'm a little crazy for doing this ride.

The pain is all over.
I knew it was going to be one of those days when the pain was so bad I could barely make it down the stairs first thing in the morning.
runs from my jaw up to my temples
down the back of my neck
my back
my hips down to my ankles.
fingers swollen, and hurting up to my wrist.

getting old SUCKS but letting it stop me from doing what I want... not going to happen.

we all have our aches and pains, I just have days like today when it gets away from me, and I feel like I've got the flu.  The meds will catch up by tomorrow and I'll be a normal 40 something year old.  While today I feel like I'm in my 90's

What a crock!

Hoping your day is better than this one.  We all have them, we just don't all put it into words.  ME I'm journaling everything good and bad about this ride. This is just another day in the books.

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