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Sunday, September 4, 2011


OK, so I have a FEW things taken care of...

Now I have to worry about how much of my supplies I can get into my little two man tent in order to keep it dry and know its with me not where the horses are tearing into it, or someone else taking it as I sleep.

So I figure I can take one sleeping pad, use the horse pads as another layer leave the saddles on nose all night and I'll have to put the feed in small enough bags I can lift them up and down several times a day.  I can't leave them on the saddle as I get it off and on.  I am sure at some point I will unsaddle the horses during the day, allowing them a rest, a feed, and get them some water.   So all of this has to come to play

Dad has suggested my sleeping bags be in river bags as well.  One is down, one is synthetic... the synthetic can handle more moisture than the down, but if the down gets wet! I'm up a creek with out a paddle.

Any other ideas out there?

Any one have suggestions on tying up the horses? keeping them from running away? ANYTHING to allow me to sleep a little better instead of worrying every time I hear one from outside the tent?

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