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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Water, Liters, Cups ...

Yep I should have expected as much but I didn't ...

So many questions about liters and US measurements.

Just barely over 4 cups is equal to one liter... I'm likely not to need more than 2 cups of water for each meal so it will heat a little faster if protected, covered etc...

I will have plenty of fuel cells for what I need.  Besides I can always have some dropped off ahead of me if I need more!.... provided more people say they wouldn't mind helping me out with things!

Water is still going to be my largest issue, keeping it from freezing at night, having enough for the horses, and the simple task of having to ask people for it.  Water is just too heavy for me or the horses to be carrying too much of it.

I need 20 liters for each horse each time we stop and at least one liter for me twice a day.

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