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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'm ok one on one...

I have found after getting out of the corporate world, after fighting the slow pace of being at home, living in a place with very few friends.  I have lost my social skills.

Used to be I could do a public speech with no issues, tell me what you need to know about, I'll learn it and do it!
Today... I'm lucky to see people over breakfast, then when I check them in, so what little speech I give is on the history of   1847 Blake House Inn B&B  .  Where to go eat around Asheville, Where to hike, where to take your dogs, and where to go for fun.  

I find I have lost my ability to cover a room of 100 people or more so easily as I once did.  So even a group as my family can be over whelming at times.

I have no idea what Danny, Monica, Lain, Zach or any of their families are up to.   I was more concerned of the health of the elder generations still with us.   I've always been in that middle roll, that doesn't seem to change much.  While I do travel like the younger crowd we don't travel in the same manner, my backpacking is of no interest to most of the family.  While Florida has no appeal to me any longer either.

Distance, Time, Ages, and me not having children has only span the family that much further apart.  Funny how no matter what... Nanny and Paw Paw pulled us all together, kept us firm like a house foundation.  With them gone? I float with water while some are firm footings that never move, and other only dry stack corners.


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