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Friday, September 2, 2011


Today was a day where getting water to the barn was the first thing on my to do list.  While waiting for gravity to fill the bathtub... I was getting together things to take on my next outing.  Things I will eventually take on my trip but can learn to pack, and get the horses accustomed to all the weight.

Things I put in my pack today.

Feed, hay stretcher, OIL and supplements enough for four days... ( 12 bags of feed) with a cup of oil each for Navarre, and a 1/2 cup each for Sweet Pea.  Body wipes, Facial wipes, facial creams, SUN SCREEN, P-Nutt butter, English muffins, and dried camp foods.   I will soon add the bulky... my socks, my under garments, my sleep wear and an emergency change of clothes.  ( only if I get wet in freezing temperatures will I change while on the trip.) Otherwise I'm will be bathing in deodorant... so you are forewarned! stay up wind if you come see me.

I have decided to take wipes to clean the bridal and only pack one.  I will take some emergency repair parts for saddle, etc... but not much.  

I did however learn I am going to have to carry a shoe hammer, and at least two a shoe full on nails in case one starts to clank on me again.  I will also carry ONE front and back boot for each horse in case I completely loose a shoe. I can't have them wearing their feet down to nothing!  I have them already for Sweet Pea but Navarre's size will be special order his feet are so large... I will get Stacy to help me with that!

Of course my emergency first aid kit is already at the barn, in the bags.  But soon I will have to start adding a LOT of weight to get the horses more used to their new jobs...

I am making my plans a little tighter day by day...
Keep the suggestions coming!

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