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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Navarre and his PPSM

While I didn't believe a horse with PPSM would degrade as quickly as I had been told, it is with every letter, every breath, every day VERY true. 

We had worked up to over 40 miles on weekends 20 miles every other day 16 on a normal day.  Having given Navarre and Sweet Pea a week off due to fungus... Navarre can barely do a 8 mile round trip.  

It is amazing to me how this PPSM issue has greatly effected his physical abilities.  Once in shape, a horse is solid; or so I had always been told, experienced, and lived by.  No longer true with this horrible disease. 

While I did not push him so hard that he tied up upon our return (thank goodness), I did pull my neck out of wack, right arm, and I am as achey as can be because I was holding back Sweet pea the entire time so we could walk home at Navarre's pace.  She on the other hand was ready to run home in an easy sprint having such a short ride.  Thus she walked home looking like a dressage horse jumping from hoof to hoof , with wonderful air time,  as Navarre could hardly breath, and was dragging his feet. 

My reason for bringing it up is  Oct is leaf time around here, when most bikers are cruising for color, and the area makes its money from all the leaf watchers... So I have always known Oct will be a hard time for my training Navarre, BUT this is going to be VERY hard considering just one day off can set him back so far.  

Wish me luck! as this sickly horse is the cornerstone of my trip! Sweet Pea is afraid of her own shadow and much too dangerous to do the trip with only her, and I refuse to use any other horse! much less leave Navarres medical attention to someone else for such a long time. 

Oh I need a new plan! 
Oh I need an assistant! 
Oh how I desperately need someone to ride him, but far too many people are too afraid to ride alone. 


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