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Saturday, September 10, 2011

it makes me have night mares.

I am loving a new facebook page that is all about horse people helping horse people in an emergency...

I have signed up for NC, and will make my place available to anyone in need during fire, storm (hurricanes) or other natural disasters.

I have also learned MUCH from this page and added a few things to my emergency list, such as paint! yep a spray can or FLORESCENT paint.   While I use rope halters ONLY leather is good in a fire/ emergency as it will not melt into your horse as nylon will, cotton will go up in flames as well!

copied and pasted...WHEN marking horses for identification - don't use anythign plastic, nylon, or metal.  Plastic and Nylon melt and burn. Metal will get hot and burn. Spray paint livestock using livestock marking paints- phone number and last name on both sides of each animal. Large enough to be read from a distance.
  re- typed due to copy issues.

When marking horse for Identification- don't use ANYTHING plastic, nylon, or metal.  Plastic and nylon melt and burn.  Metal will get hot and burn into your horse.   Sray paint or use livestock marking paint- PHONE NUMBER and last name on both sides of each horse. Large enough to be seen from a distance...


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