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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Beauty in a ride.

I only wish riding safely didn't require both hands, but with two horses and one being a little less controllable/safe! I am required to have both hands on the reins at all times.

If not I would be taking incredible photos of things I am lucky enough to see on a ride.
I was mentioning to my daddy how, I not only do I have to see what ever is around me, but I have to hear it before I can see it.  Most cars are not so bad, but an easy coasting newer car with their higher hum is much harder to hear and can sneak up on me.  Not only am I watching the road, but like a cyclist I am watching where their feet go next... all the glass, wire, and scrap metal in the ditches... I am having to watch for dogs, groundhogs, and rabbits each of these scare the horses, anything really!

But it is the things in nature I wish I could share, I wish I could get off, down and take pictures of so many things sharing what is really out there!

I found a Paw Paw Tree grove on one ride.  A tree native to the area, long gotten rid of by most, but is a wondrous fruit that taste like banana cream.  Why did so many settlers get rid of them? (like any fruit they attract insects and other animals). I am one of the few that went out of my way to plant four types last spring.  We shall see if they survive as they are hard to transplant,but once they take hold will create a wonderful grove that is almost tropical in style.  I was so excited to see some roadside.  What a joy I would never have noticed in a car.

Incredible, beautiful flowers in the ditches! there are so many times I wish I could stop to see if they smell.

I enjoy on each ride, all the water we pass, cross, and often stop to drink.

The sounds differ crossing each bridge, some are more solid, some are more metal, some are creaky flex too much and I worry what the horses think. I never noticed if a bridge had side rails when I was in a car, I get excited if they do when on a horse.

Riding a horse can bring out the best in others...
One woman was headed straight, saw me... and immediately turned my way, passed me, parked and waiting for me to catch up!   Where are you going? What are you doing?  not in a way to be invasive but in a way that she WANTED to help me! She wanted to be a part of what ever I was doing.  Had I been on my trip I would have welcomed any assistance.

One guy on a Harley, passed me and did the same thing! Can I get you something to drink, need to to get you a burger!  ( NO WORRIES MOM... I'M NOT TAKING FOOD OR DRINK FROM STRANGERS) I always wanted to ride my horses on the road a long distance... he wanted to break a cross country record with several horses...  Me I just want to ride!!!!!!

The point is life is beautiful,my rides are more beautiful than I imagined them to be! Houses are more appealing at my slow horse speed, you see cute things you would never notice in a car.  Not to mention you sit higher on a horse and see a lot more for a longer time.

I am in love with the sound of my horses feet as they hit the pavement.  It is incredible when they are unison, especially when SP is an extender and all leg, PN... WR Prince Navarre is short stocky little legs with no extension who almost has to trot to keep up with Sweet Pea's walk.

I ride out into the rising sun... I ride back into the setting sun... I am always in the light of the day, and the sun in my face is a welcome tingle to my nose, at this point I even welcome the crows feet that are making their new home deeper and deeper etching each day of riding more permanently into my face.

Every Day is a new day! But the beauty of my rides makes me want to ride that much more, emotionally this ride gets easier, it opens doors, it turns corners, and shows me new worlds.

Physically? I'm out of shape, and can only hope I can figure out some of my little issues. I have a doctors appointment Thursday to get more help.  Remember we all age differently! I'm doing my best!

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