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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

His hands...

He asked me back into his shop as he always does, it's like the kitchen table at Nanny and Paw Paws!

Come look he says...
In a room full of dust, shavings, bowls all over the floor,(watch where you step)  two fridges full of bowls started months ago, not dry enough to finish yet. Wine bottle stoppers, bracelets, and other trinkets ( hollow forms) all over the place.

I had never seen my dad actually work on something, piddle yes... finish in front of me no!  I picked up a piece of wood, almost like a one inch dowel piece.

Here let me show you!... as he took it from my hand!

With grace he switches something around on this machine. Adding yet another piece of metal on the other end in no time.  He pulls a tool like I would choose a paint brush, it wasn't quite as sharp as he wanted ... as he spins around turning on yet another machine and starts to sharpen them.  He turns on the wood machine and it spins, faster and faster... I could not believe the graceful, smooth moves, back and forth till it appeared what ever form was in his mind. shavings, that got smaller and smaller as he worked.  Paper, mesh, and other forms of sanders brushed over the piece of wood after all the carving.  All creating even a smaller speck of dust in the air.  Then a liquid... and the speed got faster again... OHHHHH a burn! a thumb nail no longer there, he wears them off  all the time he said.

It was amazing to me to see him work!
He detached the thing, tapped the stopper on, and slid it into a plastic bag for me to give to a friend I would see later.  It was still warm as I slid it into my back pocket!

It is incredible the work he can do.  I have long admired the out comes of his labor, but had never seen it, had often wondered but didn't want to invite myself into his private world when working.  I was overwhelmed with the exhibit of talent and grace... it alone was artful enough for film.  Thank you daddy I enjoyed watching you work this past weekend.

He makes bowls that are for art... others that are for food, wine stoppers, door stoppers, and now bracelets that are beautiful!

I am so proud of him, his work, and the fact he is growing into his retirement; instead of it settling into him!

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