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Monday, September 12, 2011

The day after! 9/11... 9/12 Ten years ago!

Wednesday, September 12, 2001, 12:00PM

Considering I live alone, considering I have no Television and no radio, I was wondering about how today would unfold...

I decided because it was the first cool night of the season and the air was pleasant to the skin, I would walk to work. As I was walking to work, I noticed funny little things.  The first was the silence of the air, living so close to the momentarily famous Barksdale Airforce Base, I could hear the birds in a silence I was unaware existed.  I noticed the freshly cut blades of grass.   I noticed some dogs running loose only because I heard the rustle of leaves.   I realized as I turned the corner and came face to face with a magnolia tree they have red seeds in the cones.  I noticed how the squirles have stripped some of the new pine cones in preparation for winter. I noticed how the squirles were playing up and around and back down the trees.  I noticed the side walk.

Some how the sidewalk appeared in my mind to be different. The way the trees have uprooted the foundation of the sidewalk and moved it considerably.  Somehow it is the same as the day before but different than yesterday.  Somehow it made me feel as through the earth moved yesterday.   The trees are reaching for a firmer ground.  The earth is shifting to prepare itself for what ever is ahead.  The walk is harder, I was fumbling over earth and broken sidewalk that had never bothered me before.  I was noticing all the new cracks, noticing nothing new and wondering about everything.

Our lives are different, our lives are the same.  It all depends on how you look at it.

Don't get me wrong,  I am enjoying this day, I am just more aware of my surroundings.  You have to admit, it's a good thing to have a wake up call every once in a while.

I am fortunate, a friend who works for F.E.M.A. responded to an email I sent asking how to get my doctor involved in the volunteer process. said.. ""AT this time, the outpouring of sentiment has been such that, according to the Red Cross, we have more volunteers that we need at every level... There is a critical blood shortage through... And Yahoo is accepting donations online..." So once again Americans have pulled together and are making a considerable different in the outcome of what ever is to lye ahead.

My car is coming along nicely and will hopefully be ready by the end of the week.  After I get it, I will enjoy the old gas mileage I used to get, not this fill up every 200 miles, that gets really old quick.

As you read this above...
I choose not to have all those outside sources in my life! I was at the height of my freedom as a single woman and enjoyed my own company, and that of my two HUGE dogs... Rex ( black great dane) and Deepak ( my sweet Rhodesian Ridgeback)   I have to admit! Living in Shreveport was an experience, a culture shock, and a time in my life I shall never forget!

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