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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

This is why I keep this horse.

Today was a busy day as I posted earlier ( scroll down) I got home, got on my riding clothes and dreaded the daily ride.

Yes ... I said it! I dreaded it because I had already been working sense before 4 am, done more than a days work in anyone's schedule and still I had my two to take care of and three others for their nightly routines.  I love horses but after mucking stalls mid day, and finishing the rest of my work I was tired.  So tired I just wished I could skip the ride.  Besides I had three stalls to empty out perfectly tonight later.  Can't we not do this today?

Can't do it! The horse has to get his exercise and I'm the only one to do it!    Yes I suppose I could let someone ride him, but no one rides your horse like you do, I've been working on his training and we have progressed,so ... unless under my supervision no one is riding this kid again!

Having said that I ... with my riding pants, standard chaps, helmet and my flashing horse and rider vest I started down the mountain.  He climbs so well...but going down tends to bother him so I decided to go DOWN the mountain and over to the next.getting it over while he is fresh.    Little did I know I'd be out riding the back roads, finding new places on horse back.  It turned out to be one of the most exciting rides...as some cars slowed to a crawl, others BLAZED past me like we weren't there.  People came out of their houses... beautiful horse they would say... Then on the way back a little girl wanted to pet Navarre so I made sure it was ok with dad!  He held her up let her pet Navarre. Then I got off, she got on ... the little boy was next and they were both happy by the time I left.    Nice people!

I can't hardly express the emotions of riding this horse.  He is such a sweet horse, such an incredibly smooth hack, and nothing phases him! We went over the first bridge and the sound was strange but all he did was lower his head to get a closer look.  We trotted up a mountain and were flanked by two cantering mini horses and a mini burro.  He started to call out to them but I said NO you're under saddle, so he went about his gentle nature and trotted along till they could go no further.  He was curious of the pot belly pigs, but listened to my every body command.  It was amazing! As if we were free enough to do what ever we wanted, no matter dump trucks, school buses, semi's   I was amazed!   It made me feel like I really could ride him anywhere.  Do anything! How amazing would that be?

I then decided to ride down the main road (in my area) and down to a friends house.  She wasn't home so we worked our way back up the mountain.  This time the excitement was a loose dog.  Most dogs love to bark, but most were scared.  This one decided he was going to come after Navarre from behind, needless to say Navarre didn't like that idea and instead of turning around he just kicked out at the dog.... a few times.  So as we walked back up to the estate, I was mumbling how he was worse on me that he was that dog. As if he understood every word?   But this is how I ride.

I was slightly stupid as no one knew where I was, Jerry only knew I was going to be on the horse.  Not that I would go down roads never explored in a car, much less end up just behind the firehouse on 74A.  I can't believe we covered so much ground in such a short time, now I can only hope he is feeling good tomorrow. Not for me to do that to him again... after all I do have to ride Sweetpea at some point, so he will be ponied tomorrow.  So Riding the horse that is scared of her shadow I'll just be going UP the mountain to the top and back down.

I got to the car started over to my animal appointment, tried to call Joe, a horse friend but didn't then I thought I would call Cristi, but it was getting late and she has two kids, then I thought about Blaize ? but I'm posting it here first.

A wonderful Ride... Yes this is why I  keep this horse ! He is amazing when it comes to adventures, AND so smooth I could trot on him all day.

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