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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

To Do List for the day!

Major shipping today... Our newest item was just released to a private waiting list.  ( I hate these days... ) So my living room is full of boxes, can't get to my front door with out stacking boxes out of the way.  

Smaller boxes are in my office up stairs so I have to do the shipping on them and carry them down my deadly (not to code on angles) staircase.  Jerry has put some wonderful grips on them but never fails! I fall all the time.  Can't wait till I get even older!... 

I've got my two kids this morning, then to the B&B, do breakfast... small numbers today, but many rooms to clean... THREE horses mid day, skip, feed, and check on illnesses... Cat mid day... SHOWER... then back to B&B for more cleaning... To my horses, ride Navarre up the mountain.. THREE horses for evening, put out,  clean stalls, and prep for next morning... 

It will be past dark before I get home from all my work today BUT the time with horses is like getting paid for play time.  While it is physically demanding, requires I respect my schedule,  I have chosen something that keeps me in shape, I get to see the sun rise and set with my favorite smell, I get to experience the morning due and the evening fogs roll in. 

HORSES... who could ask for much more?   making a little money off your passion THAT my friends is what I call life! 

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