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Sunday, July 3, 2011

A trip home.

Last year this time I went made a special trip home, we gathered for Tea and literally blew bubbles in celibration of Aunt Gale ending a round of chemo...  In the year sense... Nanny our matriarch has passed, Aunt Gale has progressed into another stage of cancer, and we almost lost her earlier in the year.

I'm blessed that I have shared my feelings with Aunt Gale face to face.  She is aware she was a rock for me in my teenage years.  I would not be the woman I am today had she not allowed me to vent, voice my anger, love, and needs for and in life.  SHE is a major part of my life.

She is accepting her fate with grace, dignity, and intelligence.  I applaud her for making choices and sticking to them.  Our discussions over tea, lunch, and dessert were gut wrenching to say it nicely, but we as a family has always accepted the circle of life... and death is just a part of that circle.  We have ALL discussed this, I have plans with and for Jerry ... we know pictures the other wants to use... we know where each others ashes go.  everything.  BUT to have Aunt Gale sitting there slow in movement, pale in complexion, and with a faded smile it CRUSHED my heart.  I broke into tears and cried as I drove away.    While I do not want to miss my Aunt Gale, I have always tried to tell my love ones while still here how much I care for them.

While we all try... words never really grasp what emotions run through our hearts

So if you have an Aunt, an Uncle, A Mother, Father, Sister, Brother or a chosen family member tell them today... not just that you love them. But what they mean to you.



  1. The post made me cry. I remember that night we went to eat and it was pouring down rain. We jumped up on the bench to take the top picture. You and mom loved reading all the t-shirts of those that were walking with me during those 60 miles. I also remember the overwhelming feeling that I had as I came into the 'staging' area and saw the long line of people waiting for us. I kept looking and wondering where you and mother would be. Finally there near the end we found mom. You were with Aunt Gale as she was situated to see the closing ceremonies. I had walked so many miles in preparation that I knew the secret of keeping my feet blister free for 60 miles! I don't remember you taking this shot, it must have been after we picked up the luggage and got back in the car. Amazing how fast the time has flown by. I think I will ask Aunt Gale to have a few pictures from that trip to be apart of her celebration video. Thanks for making me cry today truly it's hard to believe that 2 years have passed since we were all together in Boston. So thankful.

  2. I was snapping shots as you took off your shoes... none came out in focus but you were limping so badly I had to see what was going on.! Just a sister thing I suppose!

    Boston... a great trip, just didn't want to post photo's from Tea per request.