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Saturday, July 30, 2011

didn't make the 20 mile mark...

We got started late.
It was already getting warm by the time we left the barn.
We rode down Flat Top, Down Old Fort, and decided to make a pit stop at the Amish store and get a sandwich.  made it to the house, went out some more... back, and then the barn... slow ride walked most of the way, but it was great!

It's funny and amazing... you see so much on the back of a horse.   ( they see so much and spook over the silliest things, cracked open /tilted man hole covers, snakes warming on the edge of the road)   The flowers were amazing, yes even all the things we call weeds are beautiful when on horse back.

I can tell you this... the white lines is slick with road shoes! On pavement, off to the curb, back on the road, back to the curb.... its a good practice for a lifted, good cross over!

The only really dangerous things that happen were the idiots in the red truck! ( who ever you were) that regardless that we ... meaning Mike, Me, and the horses were ON the ONE LANE BRIDGE, they decided they were going to cross it as well, going the opposite direction, regardless of the fact we were on it, and we had the right of way as we were on it first... ( horse against car) NC law states Horses, Bikes, have the right of way.... cars have a privilege NOT a RIGHT!   big difference.  So Sweet Pea did her normal rear, spinning on one hind leg and darting off the opposite direction.  Navarre was fine! Looked at the people like idiots! Wish I could have... I was just hanging on!

Second dangerous thing that happened was NOT the fault of the wonderful dump truck driver... but the fact that he slowed down for us and his air brakes scarred the living life out of Sweet Pea.  No big deal except it was next to an 8 foot drop off, a barbed wire fence, AND not to mention the road sign that could have cut my head off during her fit of insanity.  But this is what horses do... and this is why I had her on the road ... she is getting better, but will never be a horse I ride the road alone!  Navarre, her security blanket is a must!

Our / MY funny time was... when the mutt decided to attack Navarre! and Sweet Pea enjoyed chasing the dog, as it would a cat!  She got that dog well off the road, and had it running!   Second dog, was a stand off, Front Left Leg Raised and Dog with teeth showing the entire time.  Each would lunge at the other... We played this game till Navarre was far enough ahead she didn't have to worry about protecting him.   She darted up the road, caught up with Navarre in no time!

The heat is horrible for all this riding... we rode them to the house, sprayed them down, out three more miles, sprayed them down, back to the house, repeat... back to the barn... and repeat ... I could not have kept them riding had my friends not allowed us access to a hose!  THANKS guys...


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