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Monday, July 18, 2011

Short and sweet

I got in my little ride today.  Navarre was softer than he has been in a long time, I think it was only because I took him out for a few hours/ all morning into the afternoon hours Sunday.

I have chosen to increase his Rice Bran... he is loosing weight, and while he is a mouthy horse it seems he is hungry all the time.  We shall see how this goes!  Beside Sweet Pea needed more feed, she too is loosing weight and as we get into cooler temps in the next few months, after all fall is only around the corner now, only a month and a half till September when it all starts to happen. They need to have a little meat on their bones, especially with this feeding for Navarre.

My rides are good, and at times there are those moments when I'm riding my dream horse.  But to ride everyday, not in a ring, not with a goal, only to move his body, make him mind when doing so, and each time I try to ask him to do something new?   Today we were getting used to a support reign.  He responded well and actually had a welcoming response by the end of the ride.

One of my major pet peeves... is a counter bent horse.  Only because "most" around here... not all ... but most have no idea a horse is suppose to look into a curve not to the outside as THEY pull the horses head to the outside instead of using a support reign and a heavy pushing leg all the way down.  ? But who am I ? I'm just a tobacco farmers granddaughter.  not a "real" horse person.

Around here your not a horse person unless your a western rider.  I go bareback with a pad, Dressage when I can, and western / roping saddle (very different) when I pony.    At any rate my mind digresses!

I need a walker!  if ANYONE ! ANYWHERE has one on the cheap please let me know!

Tomorrow, work... work ... and feed store, already need more feed, more oil, more electrolytes for the water, more Vitamin E , more muscle developer? (herbs and minerals) the list goes on and on...

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