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Friday, July 22, 2011

riding alone...

I am finding that like everything else in life I am a little different when it comes to riding.  The issue I am finding is people want to be able to ride with someone else.  Yes, well this would be nice but in my world this never works out.

I have ridden alone now for years, my husband deals with the safety issues and has at times threatened to put a tracking system on me or in my clothing.  I could care less.  If I am injured... this could be an issue.  But if I'm dead ... well... I died enjoying life.

My only concern about riding alone is how my horse would survive, or if one were injured, but I stick to our dead end road for now which is a good up mountain exercise for the kids, and a pain for me.

BUT the click , click , click of horses feet while alone even on a road in the mountains is often more relaxing than even on the Biltmore estate.  I enjoy the time alone, looking at everything, and saying hi to the neighbors as they drive past, or pear off their decks from above.  You should try it sometime.    If you don't have the perfect area... I do... and a horse that needs ridden... ha ha ha...

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