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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

doing more research on PPSM , or EPSM

The medical field is ALWAYS changing, and thus specifically equine is as well.  I'm going back to site, checking their most up to date post, and double checking my plan of action.

Having done the work, and over looking my research on line, print, and with the vets.  As with any illness we never take it all in at once. The first thing I have noticed ... I over looked, did not hear, or simply never wanted to accept; this is going to be a good 4 to 6 month ordeal getting Navarre back to being even half way normal.  Having said that I should not be experiencing all the ups and downs it should have been a slow grade down hill, as he should have been progressing.  My issue is there is nothing to tempt him to move about!

While I never lock him in a stall, he stays in the barn all day in the shade.  I goes out to eat his hay early morning and late evening, but the gut doesn't get moved or activated all day.  THIS is a problem.  Horses in the wild are moving ALL DAY, and most of the night.

So his only movement is when I get him out ride or lunge the poor guy.  Just to call attention to my own stupidity... I lunged him into a bee / hornet hive the other day, we are both paying the price!

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