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Sunday, July 10, 2011

last few days too full to post.

I have to say I got my first nap. First stop of the last few days just moments ago!

I've been riding ... caring for three other horses... let out ONE dog that decided to run away? Must have been chasing something; her owner says.  But it gave me a heart attack, I was in a absolute panic!

To say the least my personal time has been very little... my rest time even less so.

I have decided to get someone to help me around the estate, as I have had NO time for maintenance and the husband has no interest!    I'm in the process of making a list of yes, no and maybe things for my help to do while I can not be around to advise, supervise or expect anything done my way.

Oh well back to my list... back to the other horses then to mine.

I so want to be in bed by 8pm tonight! lots to do in the morning.  My mind is starting to scream!   Does it ever slow down... but I know this winter my mind will scream!  Where has all the work gone?    Balance, Dream, and SLEEP three things I try everyday!

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