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Monday, July 11, 2011


Yes I've had the conversation with Jerry about my doing too much, getting burned out, getting sick!
Well it has finally happened SO>>>>>> I'm getting some help! Yes Wayne we really do talk about everything including my in ability to stop working.

I've put my estate list on hold! or shall I say I've given it away!

Michael is going to help me get the place back in order.  AFTER that we shall see what it takes to keep it in order.   I may just have to keep a farm hand on the payroll so I have the time to ride Navarre EVERYDAY! not to forget riding and tending to Sweet Pea as well.

Today was VERY busy!
Horses early, B&B, then I went to the clinic before my body spun out of control.  It took me hours in the clinic but while there I was reading and making my to do list, ( to do for someone else) Got my THREE prescriptions and went back to work, came home did some PL work, then on to the horses again, and walking through everything with Michael.

The horses got new shoes today, BEAUTIFUL THICK road shoes, incredible custom fits, frogs poured for Navarre, all with a good hot shod. I love my farrier! So glad I have him to depend on.  So I have to ride tomorrow, providing my body is up for it.  We shall see!

I'm not one to hand over my place of solitude; but in this case it's that or allow it to get out of control like some hoarder filling a room.  I felt like I was starting to hoard weeds! Vines! and downed trees.  So ... Michael and I made a plan tonight and I'm leaving it to him to NOT cut down my new trees, NOT spray my plants I want to keep, BUT to get rid of the other stuff that is taking over what little personal time I have.

With the horses on a mud lot the place looks horrible.  As soon as I can get the pastures looking better I am going to allow a friend to bring her horses over to graze.  Her place needs a rest and mine needs the natural grazing good swap!~

Having said that I am also looking into doing some overnight travels with the "kids" (meaning my horses) I am going to start packing one horse while riding the other.  Now I just have to find a place to go to practice my abilities... which may be NOTHING.   Yes this is in prep for a life long dream.

With a firm push from my loving husband, he suggested I get this one marked off my bucket list, SO... all I can do is try.  I'll fill you in more as time goes on.   BUT what really got me going is a girlfriend said she would help me along the way if I decided to do it.  How could I refuse?   No one has EVER said they would do road support for a crazy middle aged woman on a horse traveling as far as she can over a given ? ??? amount of time off work.

I'll have to talk to my boss about what we can work out, THEN I'll make my plans.


Please note... I was NOT there for the farrier today these are shots I had taken at different times, as I am always amazed at what good work he AND his assistant do!

Thank you guys...

He not only fits them perfectly but also did incredible trimming at the heal just in case Navarre over steps it is more likely to slide off instead of rip off his shoe.  LOVE it!

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