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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Funny how we all have that one special time of day that makes us feel good.

For me it's between 4:30 and 5:30am when I can feel a breeze through the window, hear animals outside, just before the am traffic starts.  Traffic on 74A starts about 5:45 and breaks the silence, my concentration, and makes me realize it is another work day.

With my Pirates' Lair work mostly done today...I have but a moment to jot down some words before getting into the shower to go feed and check on Navarre and Sweet Pea.  As the days get shorter I am starting to worry how I will evaluate him properly in such darkness.  I suppose an idea will pop into my head as the dawn fades and the darkness overtakes my early visits.  I can at this point only image a mid day visit to double check on him.

At any rate... Today is busy, shipping this morning, only a few charges, horses, B&B, then after breakfast I need to run to Rhino to pick up parts.  Back to B&B to clean, turn over some rooms, and check others in later.  Not to mention the Birds that arrive at my home today for a weeks sitting.  I so enjoy these birds!

Hopefully home by 6, feed birds, and go ride Navarre back into the dusk as the darkness once again controls my day.  Otherwise I would ride till 9pm... but Mother Nature will not allow such things... Darn I wish I could convince her to stay awake a little longer!  

But changes are the norm, every minute in my day, every day in my week, and yes every week, month of my years... Roll with it or it will roll over you!

Much love to the world.

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