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Monday, January 14, 2013

Life is good, busy, and fiercely competitive.

My days are cram packed as they should be, thus my horses suffer in such a wet warm winter.
They have their feed twice a day, hay twice a day but need more in the middle of the day.

I am scheduling several if not 7 or more appts a day.
Which means I'll never be able to meet up with 1/2 of them THUS ... making sure they are the priority the next time on the schedule.

Sunday was my one day off.
I got in a little more hay, considering the horses had stolen a few bails last week they needed to be replaced in order to help us all make it through this rain we are experiencing.

I got the apple trees pruned
the rose bushed HACKED down to nothing..
The Wisteria cut back to a mere stump! ... it need it for a healthier prettier vine this year.
I got the road side cleaned out.
the water done... It now runs over in this rain from the January RAINS not normally experienced this time of year.

It was 70 degrees Saturday and close to it again Sunday.
Life is busy...
Life is hard...
but LIFE never sits still, never gives in till the very end...

IT is what it it IS.... I miss typing each day... I miss the conversations these post create... but ... I am investing in me again... LIFE...

it is GREAT!

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