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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Almost there!

My life is still on hold, as I have a few things on my computer but am at this very minute on hold (trumpet elevator music) with yet another company to get more assistance with down loading programs I had on my computer and refuse to purchase again.  Life is a white water rafting event today... I am only hoping I make it to the end of the ride with out falling out of the raft.

The weather here is blistering cold again!  I need to be out getting more hay for the horses, and while I have said this almost every time I write you have to understand... I can't get my truck to the barn, so purchasing only 15 bails or so at a time is a lot of work and last only a few days in this type of weather.   8 days to be exact!

So as soon as I get my computer back and running, I will be able to get my animals settled again...

white water! COLD and lonely...

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