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Friday, January 22, 2010

Why no post? Thank you for asking!

There have been no post this month, as the weather got worse, so did all the issues that came along with it.  The weather made everything next to impossible to deal with and while I kept my head above water my footing quickly disolved or the sand shifted below my feet and I was left treading water.  When treading water one can only think of what is necessary for survival and this was true during our month of below freezing weather in an area with the average should be in the 40's

Life at the barn got harder, the smell of failure profuse at the barn, Horses were not happy and time was short loving on them.  Expences Increased triple as the horses needed more in the cold, going through at least two bails of hay a day, adding more oil for heat, shavings to try to keep them dry.  It was never ending.

Life at work got harder with two computer failures, running a world wide business by hand, making us look and feel like were childish in the professional world.

All of this made everything hard, and writing this once is enough! I didn't want to share the darkness every day so I decided not to post till I could see the light again.

I have sense literally taken a pick and chipped away at the ice/ frozen poop / and shoveled the wet stuff out of the way!  I stocked over 50 bails of hay 10 bags of shavings, and 10 bags of pellets.  I have bought out the stores supply of corn oil and have it at my house due to the nature of liquids in such cold weather.

The computer is back up after HOURS and DAYS of being down although I expect it to crash again any minute....

no pictures as the camera didn't like the cold! 

Trees again block or lean over the road, on the way up to the barn, this time from the melting of all the ice and snow, and now the rain that has set in for days...  leaving their roots soggy and bare, as they lean with the slope of the mountain side, so delays are still ahead for the winter season but I am hoping I am more stocked for weather ahead!

Wow!  Done with the complaints... life is brighter from here out!  OR I will not post again till it is.  Sorry but there is only so much gloom one should share with the world and we all have harder times in the winter so I didn't want to add to anyone's issues.

Much love to you all and thank you all for asking what happened to my posting!

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