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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ok... so today is all about feet!

WHY? because Navarre has some MAJOR issues that could very quickly need vet assistance for his feet!

What is going on?
Well... If you will go to my Facebook Mobile uploads... You will Quickly see there are serious feet issues!

Mobile Uploads ,,,

Why did I let them get this bad?   Well truth is as posted previously... I normally have a FULL shoe on Navarre, which is a poured carbon fiber with resin that fits into every crevice of his precious little foot.  Time before last we had to pull the Front Left Shoe off, dig out a heal abscess ( they easily and quickly go INTO the foot instead of moving out)   We allowed it to grow out longer than normal BUT still had to dig out quite a bit and not sure of ALL of it being gone... SO well did not POUR his front feet this time allowing me access to dig, drill, and cut what I needed to.

This also allowed MORE moisture to be packed into the foot than normal and while I clean my horses feet twice a day... with all the rain we have had they are quickly packed and nasty with in 30 minutes of my picking. 

Why are my horses on a mud lot... Because Navarre can not tolerate ANY GRASS what so ever.  Most would have already put him down ... (as many times has he has tied up, been in the hospital, not to mention all the extra cost EVERY DAY< WEEK< MONTH< and YEAR!!!! this kid cost me a fortune! but I had him bred and thus he is my responsibility... SO ... I'm stuck with keeping him happy and healthy as much as possible!   Don't like it... go read somewhere else!   Not to just be completely  rude about it... but I get a lot of slack for keeping this horse!   I'm done with it! he is my responsibility and I will do everything I can do till I can't do anymore or find another way of dealing with it! )   Do you throw out your kids?  NOT!!!! so stop telling me to!

We have had so much rain this year my lot has rarely had chance to be dry.  It is dry today ... Part of the way at least so... It is time to address this head on.  Yes I pick everyday... TWICE A DAY... but not all the thrush buster in the world is going to dry a wet foot, on a mud lot.  Today

As I can only hope you can see with the photos  we... Lily and I ...
Picked out all four feet! Cut his hair back again...
Washed out three of four with water... then...
Hydrogen Peroxided ... three of four!
An Hour later I cleaned two out more with hydrogen peroxide
and then proceeded to pack them.  This morning I packed them with hydrogen peroxide... to help it eat the bad tissue... Tonight I will clean, unpack re clean... and repack them but this time over night with Thrush Buster...

It is DANGEROUS to pack a foot...
Not to the horse but to the tissue. 
It must be done easily, no force at all....
It must be done carefully so no good tissue is pushed, damaged or forced in any way...

If you have never had a vet show you how..
If you have never discussed this with your vet.  I suggest you do so before you follow someones advise you do not know, that does NOT HAVE A VET DEGREE!!!!!! and EVERY horse is different! ...

I have always said Horses are like kids... you can raise two the exact same way and they will be exact opposites as adults!   My parents did it with three... and My other horse has no issues with the mud lot!

This is one of those times a hemostat is good to have around... Tweezers are a pain with a horse so hemostats work perfectly getting the packed Cotton out of the foot!

I'll post more as the days progress... May post more on my facebook page. 

If we are not friends you can at least Subscribe and follow my photos as needed... Other wise send me an email  or phone in a personal message and I'll send them at your request!

No issues.
Life is good, my little boy is just down due to weather!
My love to the world.. .
Amber egF

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