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Thursday, September 20, 2012

I have shared this information before but I think it is important to do this again.

There are several horse blogs, places, and sites I like... BUT if you are a horse person have an extra stall, a paddock, a spare cot, and or a trailer PLEASE give back to your horse community by following and signing up for Fleet of Angels ...

Face book link is... FleetOfAngels

it is an important facebook site but also GO TO THEIR WEBSITE and sign up to share your barn, pasture or trailer on their active website... Fleet Of Angels web site

I am not normally someone who pushes something but YOU control what you do or don't do for or with these sites.  The website has a sign up page where you can offer what you have and how people contact you!

This next mention is for transportation.
There are times when we are moving and need help.
There are times when we can't afford to move our kids first class but want it done safely.

Facebook Link is... Hitch Your Horse A Ride

This is a site where people who have an open slot offer others a ride ...
You can ask for a ride, find a ride and check out what others say about a transporter.
again you control what info you want from them or just check in everyonce in a while.

If you are looking for a horse...
look local, BUT if you want to save a horse from else where

Facebook Link is... Home Seekers and Heros

I am just putting this out there but if you are a horse person ... give a helping hand when you can.  Life is only going to get harder so please! do something! even if it is just local....

My love to the world

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