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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

no rain today!

While there is no rain with over 69 inches of rain for the year the ground is saturated to such an extent any rain causes us issues. 

With one day of no rain there is finally a crust of dry layer on the mud.  As soon as you walk on it you fall through and slide into the muddy muck just below the crust.   It is almost like walking on a glowing flow of lava but not being aware it is there till it is too late.  Thank goodness this is not my volcano hike, but a nasty ankle deep slide into horse manure on top of saturated soil....

I can not wait for a few more days of no rain...
I enjoy my little walk up to the barn, but with my hot water that goes on their feed morning and night ... the slop of mud makes it a little more risky that I prefer for my bad leg.

Loving life, my horses, my hubby, and the beautiful day!

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