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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Loving my new feed.

While I have had one year and a half with no serious issue with Navarre, one still has to plan for the day it all falls apart with a horse with such genetic issues.

But as of today I am elated with his routine, his feed, and his playfulness.

The new Purina has allowed me to put him out to pasture for only minutes at a time but twice a day where he can be a real horse, graze the ground, and play like a baby.

I long for the day I can put him out for hours at a time but this day and dream may never come... but getting ANY grass for a horse that previously could have none is a blessing!

Yesterday .... as I walked to the barn there where three white patches in the dry lot.  White patches where he had rolled and was trying to get all that hair off his back.   As my mare defended her feed not allowing him to have or take it.  I was measuring the dry lot, doing my calculations for a true DRY lot that would not be all gravel so I could actually keep it clean all year.   You know the basics... square footage... gravel delivery prices, bob cat price for two days, what to do with all the manure I already have (thinking of the ditch on the east side of the estate for pear trees.)  I come up with about 4,000 dollars at the least, cheapest, and unfortunately the ugliest way possible.

As I stood there mulling all this in my head... Could I stand what it is going to look like? etc... Navarre came up to me rubbed his head on my hip and I started to rub him with my glove covered hand.  Almost immediately hair filled my poor glove and I had to find a place to put it.  This went on and on for about thirty to forty five minutes.  By this time Sweet Pea was done with her feed and as he walked to make sure it was gone I started to rub on my mare.  While she stood still it was not the appreciation I got from Navarre, so I grabbed a brush and went back to him.  He once again stood still... only stretching forward for a belly scratch and a sweet nicker as I rubbed his chin to chest.

While it was suppose to be a riding day it was just as sweet and perfect with a day of my horses standing still, not in a grooming stall but liking, loving, and wanting attention from me.

A good horse day.
A perfect horse day.

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