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Thursday, March 27, 2014

yet another day.

Life is demanding...
Today was the first day I had off with no rain, no snow, and the ability to clean the barn yard sense Spring has come into play.

So I swept, shoveled, and forked hay and manure for hours on end... My body is killing me!
I yawn..
I ache...
but all the pain is a good pain knowing my horses are in a clean dry area; till it starts raining in the morning.

My plan is to fork a little bit more tomorrow!

I shoveled manure.
I turned compost piles of manure and hay.
I searched materials for making their dry lot DRY 365 instead of the mud hole it is...
I have collected and printed out patterns I may want to use as a guide for the 50x50 level and dry area... I will then cover the rest of it in road rock, pea gravel, and granite sand.  we shall see how it all works out.

Snow has been crazy in the past few day... Sun is suppose to peak through as of Sunday...

I have Thursday and Friday off... Thursday I needed to do chores... Friday is 80% chance of rain... I can only hope with the rain the water container is topped off and the pasture is a little better to fork into compost piles.

Steve need 4 bails of hay for props in the house shots... I'll give him what ever he needs and make sure they are taken care of.

Don called and I still have 30 bails of hay I need to get out of his barn; I will do this ASAP.

People continue to call him for hay... I need 400 bails of hay a year... I get all I can from Don and get the the rest from who ever I can.  This year I got 500 bails and it has served me well.  Thus I have hay while Don continues to get calls all the time at all times of the day.

Life is good ...
The horses are healthy ... as am I
My main farm hand is no longer available but I can only hope his returns soon.

My love to the world...
A Picture of Navarre as he takes a nap under the tree!  Sweet Pea guards him from me as he sleeps...

The snow was YESTERDAY...
Navarre napping... is TODAY...

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