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Monday, February 4, 2013

At some point something has to give.

I had a crying fit with my dear hubby just an hour ago.

Actually I asked for some snuggle time and I used up all my time crying like a baby.

Well lets see?
I work from 4 am to 9am for Pirates' Lair ... I then read my info for work at nine am to get me in the frame of mind for work.

Then I tend to Animals which take about an hour
Then I get a shower ?
Try to get ready for work   have you noticed the double duty in the two past hours?????
and have been at work most of the time by 10 am working in the office till 1:30 or so then out in the field from 2 -9

So ? I'm only working a little over 90 hours a week
NO me time
NO husband time
NO horse time
I've only been doing it for the past 6 months... yes I've gotten really sick, yes I've really hurt my back and not been able to move but even at those times I was reading, researching and doing what I could to learn.

Something is about to give... my mind, my soul, my health, my marriage, my horses, or ALL of me?

No I normally don't complain, but super woman  I am not.  I'm going in ... to draw the line.  I can only do so much and EVERYTHING has bent to learning, doing and following for this new job.  ? I can only do so much.

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