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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

a good ride.

A perfect ride to end a great day.
I took Navarre out on the road today. 
1.  I ask that we only walk.... I rarely allow him to go much faster...
2. I have STREET shoes on him with borium nails for grip
3. Completely poured front shoes! so the pounding doesn't cause his coffin to fall (like your arch)

A simple large silver bit.
and a bare back pad.
So not a lot of gear.

He was hot and sweaty when we returned, as he insisted on a trot on the way home thus he was walking in circles quite a bit till his count was 4 again.

With each 2 count I turned him left or right working his hind end harder than enjoyable.

I took this photo.  Took off his bridal walked into the stall got down one bail of hay cut two strings and found THIS!

one more with his head in it!!!!!

he was a pill!

I got home and my sweet husband ask how my ride was.
Then there was little else I could say and sound sane.  How do you tell your husband who doesn't like horses! It was perfect! It was just what I needed, exciting because of all the cars trucks and a moving truck going up and down the mountain, but my little boy never flinched!  It was incredible because we were in perfect step with each other, great cross overs, wonderful response to leg, and I barely had to get into his mouth!  As if any of that would make sense at all to someone who cares less about what leg is where, how easy a signal is given and how smooth the follow through was.

Now ...
After all my perfect memories...
I have to worry about how stiff he may be tomorrow.
How much oil I should give him.
If I should double up his Vit.E...
Or worse if I should take drugs to the barn with me in the morning just incase he is REALLY stiff and about to tie up from all the hind end work I made him do today.  Not to mention the 9% grade of mountain up and down!

My ride was perfect!
My to do list may be longer tomorrow because of it! But is was ALL WORTH IT!

My love to the world
ONE small white spot left!

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