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Friday, September 27, 2013

typical day.

Today was just a typical day.

Drive to the barn... walk through the pasture to allow the horse out on pasture; leaving the pasture gate open while I prepare their feed.

Put water in their feed buckets... 5 seconds for Navarre's bucket, and 7 for Sweet Pea's.  allow the water to continue to run while I dig out the feed.
One cup of wellfeed for Navarre, with rice bran fat solids,  Vitamin E without selenium, feed through fly control, and his necessary electrolytes.
One cup of hay stretcher, rice bran fat solids, then low carb feed for Sweet Pea along with some electrolytes (not as much as his), feed through fly control, and hard keeper/weight gain additive. 

I allow all those to sit in the water... expand and go mushy ... as I put out a little bit of hay.  I only give them 1/3 of a bail of hay in the summer.  I have expanded it to 1/2 a bail due to the colder temperatures setting in. 

In the wet of the winter I put their hay in a container.... in the summer I spread it out everyday in a new place to help seed the mud lot as times goes on.

So... Everything went like clock work this morning!  DONE...
I get to the barn tonight and Navarre has PURPLE on it butt?
My gates are red and they are not going to fade into something with more blue!  What in the world?
I walk the fence after throwing out the hay!
I found it! ....

Of course I was going to clean these up as soon as I got 2 days off in a row.
They have to be cleaned out, killed, burned etc... as they are poisonous to the horses!
There are two of these bushes I have to get pulled up and taken care of ASAP... So I guess this is what I will be doing Sunday! .... only a few hours away...

My night plan is just about the same minus all the extras... just feed and hay!

At any rate found, plan made and the day ended up pretty well!
The end of a day walking back down the rock steps to the car instead of through the pasture!
a good day!
Typical... in that there is always something unexpected that is going to happen!

My love to the world...

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