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Monday, July 14, 2014

getting it all clean.

I've done my best to clean out my trailer.

I've literally taken EVERYTHING out... including stall pads 
In the dressing room all was taken out except the carpet.  But I had foam pads over my carpet to protect it... so even this came out as I clean all I could.

I've gotten most of my supplies back in... and this time with my favorite feed bags under everything in order to protect my beautiful ( horrible) grey indoor / outdoor carpeting they put in those things. ...  I am amazed they put such a thing that can't be cleaned easily. It is just so we must remove and replace? At any rate doing all I can to protect mine for later years of wear and tear.

Now with all but the hay I need for the trip IN the trailer I am stating to concentrate on MY supplies for my tiny outing.

The question is ... do I go glamping? or just camping?

to everyone out there I shall post the cleaning photos as I can, but wanted to at least let you know where I stood on my prepping.

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