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Friday, February 5, 2010

Snow, Ice, Rain, Sleet...will it ever stop?

It's barely 3pm and I need to be heading out to the barn, as again our weather stops me from driving to the barn. 

Sleet started late last night, and while it has let up every once in a while it is in no way going away or melting when the heavens send down rain, it merely makes it that much more slick.

I have to admit dressing for the weather is my hardest task... a rain coat that is truly water proof is out of the question as you get too hot walking up the mountain, unless I were to wear nothing but the wicking under layer.  But the cold requires me to wear more as I get to the barn, wait on water, or sweep I get cold.  So layers and layers go on and off throughout the walk. 

Today the bamboo is on the ground, the berch trees are arched down to the ground and getting around them to get to the barn was next to impossible.

Everything here sparkels... glimmers... and looks like the twilight movie version of vampire skin.  
The mountain laurel curles tighter as I increase in altitude up the mountain.  At first they are just open ice covered leaves, they eventually curle tighter than a cuban cigar and are perfectly vertical with gravity.  It is amazing how different the world looks under ice, snow or even rain. 

In the last two months we have experienced it all, rain, sleet, ice, snow each with its own beauty, but each with its own hazards. 

But life with animals never stops, farms are still buzzing with tractors loaded with hay, trucks with chains, and all wheel drive cars as it takes twice as much to feed an animal in this weather, both financially and physically. 

I drive my truck as far as it will go, then I walk... so as I am out of shape, the walk up the mountain takes me at least an hour so ... On foot I go.... hoping to talk to someone later... as this weather is not expected to leave till tomorrow. 

Hope all is well where you are!

Up to 3 1/2 inches of ICE ... so skating in the truck I go.... I hope to be back by dark.... Amber.

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