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Monday, February 8, 2010

Still bad weather.

Still bad weather, Still ice... a tree finally fell on the back of the barn, which is not as bad as most in the community, but it is a drain for most of the water coming off the mountain and all water off the roof.  Roof will need to be worked on, and new gutters up, but life goes on.

My real issue of the day is HP .... a company I will NEVER recommend to anyone else.!!!!! to put it as nicely as I can.

My other issue is I am running out of feed at the barn, While I can drive to the house I have to walk under and over things from all the ice, while walking on ice up hill to the barn.  I don't see myself carring a 50 pound bag with no safety if I fall.  not to mention the walk up is leaning to the gorge that is a good 200 foot drop into the creek at the bottom.

What to do ? 
Any Suggestions?

OK.. now it's later in the day... I am on my way to get 300 lbs of feed like I normally do.  I'll put it in the basement two bags to a metal trash can.  I'll take their food in my backpack each time I go.  !!!!

Here is what I have done with my day... I am making my back side larger, thanks to Nannies perfect castiron skillet and a hungary husband.  Home made Chicken Pot Pie.    Oh Yea! 
 I've only made this for a few people but they all seem to like it.  If you want to know more about it let me know... I make several versions of this!

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  1. It's a rainy/snowing kind of day on this Sunday. Your home-made chicken pot pie sounds awesome!! I'm too tired to even think about making something as great as that! I hate that this winter has been so hard. I know that you will be happy to see the colors of spring this year. I love all the pictures.