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Saturday, February 13, 2010

appointments and weather.

While today is Saturday, it is anther cold, wet, and snowy day.

Yesterday took the life out of me! We all know I do some pretty stupid thing, I like pushing my limits, and not following anyone else's out line of what life should be....

In all my thoughts I never wanted yesterday to end the way it did.

Morning was normal... chores etc..

I had a 1:30 appt with the Ferrier BUT the ice is still so bad at the barn you still can't get to the barn safely. So I called my guy and asked him if he minded coming to my house and I would transport the horses to him. No problem!
Most of the time my Ferrier has his apprentice with him so life is easy.... Of course this time he was alone.

Neither of us was really pressed for time, I made coffee to keep us as warm as we could be working outside in the weather. The weather of course changed for the worse as we were mid stream on the first horse.

SweetPea requires rail shoes! Stacy makes them by hand making sure they fit ever so perfectly. She also requires extra support on her frog due to the severe turning of her coffin bone. Her feet are getting better but it will be a long time before she is a happy barefoot horse again.

So while one horse (Navarre) was tied up to the close line, like a dog on a high attaching dog run.... SweetPea was standing there perfectly barely tied to an old rose bush, while Stacy turned on the gas stove, shaped the shoes by hand, throwing sparks with the grinder for perfection and also the cutting of the rubber insert supports. She was a good little girl yesterday... then the weather changed and she started to shake so we had to blanket her again... She only gets a rain coat, as I hate blanketing horses... unless you share residence with them it causes several more trips to the barn. It's to hot, it's too cold it never stops once you blanket them for warmth. 

The surprise of the day was hauling both of the horses BACK up the mountain, where I truly can't even yet put it into words.  Except I almost did NOT make it up the mountain and I was more scared than I have EVER been in my adult life. 
Hauling horses is never really a big deal but the roads were ice as I got higher up the mountain and all of a sudden with the wheels going as fast as they could I was going backwards with a trailer full of horses.  Not just backwards, but on a curvy mountian road with no guard rails, no places to pull over no ditches half the time just trees to keep you from FALLING off a cliff.  CRAP I still can't describe it... I got home, I could hardly breath, and while I normally have low to normal blood pressure... I had the headache of a life time last night.
We got at least an inch in no time, I couldn't make it up the road today... so it was another day of walking... extra hay, extra oil in the feed and breaking ice in water containers.   Just another day in what should be the south. 

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