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Saturday, February 6, 2010

All talk.. now pictures..till now... Here is our latest ice storm

My walk up the mountain this morning was a little heavier.  I decided if I put the camera in its carrying case along with a zip lock in my purse I might be able to get the camera up the mountain safely in case I fell or if it started to rain again.

My drive was short as the war zone was worse today than yesterday.  Today I ran into 8 trucks, all double cabs full with men to cut the trees off the lines, road, and try to get the electricity back on for Sugar Hollow Road.

Yesterdays post was a statue at the barn... well here is what she looks like today!!!!
If you are not sure, scroll down at look at the last post... it is a little different.
Navarre was a little happier to see me than I thought he would be...  He chased me around wanting to sniff the camera.  But unlike most horses... He has a Mustache that would ruin the lens...
SweetPea was a alert due to all the ice falling from the trees not to mention the TREES themselves falling...  as I sat at the barn yesterday I saw one small tree fall into the turn around up to the barn.  This shot of SweetPea is not fuzzy... it is freezing FOG!  crazy but actually very dangerous situation.  I have to say living here is different from anyother place I have lived.  I am starting to understand why the history of this area is rough and tough.  You really do have to survive.  AS I took the pictures below... the sound of chainsaws in the background, with occassional crashing of limbs, cracking ice falling from trees.  Big trucks working on trees, lines and road... when it all quieted down you could hear the hummmmm of the generators from people with out fireplaces in the area. 
Like I said yesterday ... everything is beautiful but has its issues.  Here are some snap shots of what is going on ... Skampers... the cat, wanted attention as did the horses... Rarely do they sniff at each other... they normally chase me around wanting to be loved on.  Navarre follows me like a great dane, while SweetPea watches what I am doing and as soon as I stand still for a minute walks over to me and sniffs at my shoulder for attention.  So this was a rare shot!
Paper Birch I had to duck under, leaning over the drive up to the barn.  They are beautiful how they line the drive on the right hand side...not to mention they are the only "guard rail" from you going into the ravine.

Bamboo heavy with ice on the ground.

The horses water/ and useless heater! (no electricity) I skimmed off as much of the slush as I could, and left them with as much water as possible. But I am sure I will need to go back several times today to do the same OR break open the ice so they can drink.

While life is harder... Joe/ Steve and I are lucker than most... while they have no electricity in their house/green-house, and I have none at the barn... NOTHING is DAMAGED... so we are better off than most....

You have to know... while this is only the garage... what you have to understand is this HOUSE is still damaged on the inside from the last ice storm...  AND...  This is/was their guest house...  while the damage looks like nothing... You have to understand this is two saved 1700's log cabins put together.. so the LOGS are solid trees, that while saved ??? the structure ... The structure moved a good 6 inches AWAY from the fireplace, down the mountain...   I am sure quoted from Mr. George... "we will need a crain this time, there is nothing left to tie off onto"  This family has had some really bad luck lately... but again they are NOT the only ones with damage, there are more.  The road is blocked from other fallen trees and life is a little harder for most of the road.

Hope your day is better.

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  1. Wow! What a storm. The pictures are beautiful. I am glad you don't have any damage. Stay warm.