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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A little more excitement each day.

I can only hope the word is getting around.  If it is not it is not from lack of my trying to share and get support!

I am encouraged a little as Navarre's pack came yesterday, and in working with it this morning it appears to have SO MUCH ROOM I could pack as much on him as I once did in a cross country trip in a little Geo Tracker! ( Those were funny days! and another story )  So now the issue is not how much I can pack on him, but how much I can lift over my head to get ON him!   I started packing loose individual servings of feed, this quickly proved to be a disaster! I am not packing an entire days of feed, and my food as well in my reusable grocery bags.

I am sure for those whom are going to bring things too me, I am going to re-use feed bags as daily sizing then transfer into the grocery bags (due to their incredible handles) to put them inside of the side bags (panniers) on Navarre.

I am even hoping to get a flake of two of hay in each pannier to tighten it up and give to the horses on a cold cold night if no one else is going to be around.

Other wise... I am hoping to have a campfire or a visitor each night that might be able at some point to bring me flakes of hay when they come.  BUT I can't count on it! Although I can wish.

My first night out camping in the freezing wet weather was a delight as Brenda, Chris, Lily, and Grace all came over, and Helen gave us a visit as well.  Chris made a fire, they roasted marshmallows and made smores.  It was just all so sweet, so pleasant, so perfect!   I can only hope for such visits along the way to take up some of the dark time before going to bed.

After which I will lay in my sleeping bag and write of the days events, the people I have met, and prep for a post of the daily events.  May not be posted here, as it would better fit on the ride blog or on the facebook update page  but it will be posted some where!

Much love to the world...
Have a good day!

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