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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

First night on trip.

I just confirmed with a friend ... that I can stay with her our first night out on the road!

She is a short distance from the BRP... Blue Ridge Parkway ... so IF ... they allow me on the BRP this stop would allow me to double up the next day and get my short stretch of the BRP done in one day.  This should help as the commity makes their decession of if they will even allow me on the road.

This is the deal!
Horses make a deep impression in the dirt, and thus, make a horrible impact on the land.  The Blue Ridge Parkway is a Federally protected area (which I love... so) I went to get permission to use a short 15 mile stretch.  In doing so ... making my case ... I informed them I not only will NOT be allowing my horses on the grass, I will have friends that are willing to pick up the poop left by my horses; thus leaving less of an "imprint" than cars as they drip oil driving down the road every day.

My only personal issue with the BRP is... if it is closed to cars I can't use it!   If they allow me to, they said I would be allowed at any time.. BUT if it is closed for ice and snow my husband will not have the ability to walk the 15 miles to scoop poop! SO I'd have to go all the way around... stretching my little trip by 4  (yep FOUR ) days!

I can only hope they allow me usage.
I can only hope it is open!

Wish me luck!

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