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Sunday, December 18, 2011

It is all coming together.

Today was a very productive day.
I took THREE loads of gear to the barn for the ride.
front and back full each time.
I brought most of it home with me this afternoon as I am starting to get a little worried about how safe my gear is considering I am SOoooo close to leaving.

Between trips to the barn I took a ride out of Asheville trying to figure out the highway issues here for the horses. Met up with three state troopers and I think one more day on the road and I'll have it DONE.

I got the horses fully loaded with everything I am taking with us. Got photos and took them for a short little spin up the mountain just to make Navarre work hard with all that bulk!   It is after all more bulk than it is weight.  His feed is the heaviest of all things, the hay is just bulk... as are my sleeping bags that weight next to nothing.

I've lots of things for myself but in my space also packed emergency things for the horses.. My things are light enough I can throw them onto Navarre with out him even noticing! again... it more the bulk that gets attention... after all I have my extra layers on MY back in my little backpack I enjoy so much.

The thing doesn't flop up and down, shift weight in an emergency... or cause me any moving issues. It's just right.

Safety gear in... it is so bright it doesn't photo well except in shadow or at angle.  It is VERY visible on Sweet Pea ... and helps on Navarre. 

can't wait to get on the road for this trip instead of just work outs...

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