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Friday, December 16, 2011


Little by little I get ready for my trip. But last weekend it was all about getting the hay to my barn, out of the neighbors barn so I could last another few weeks before I hit the road.

I have tried to get the kids off the hay and mostly on the hay stretcher.  This is not working for Navarre, as his PPSM started to rear its ugly head and he was getting tighter and tighter.  So I had to cut back on his hay stretcher and add a little more rice bran to keep him on the same amount of "feed" and put out two more flakes of hay.

This will increase the amount of hay I need each day at least in the start of this little trip, BUT I'll get it worked out so he is not in pain.  If not!   Well.... I'll have to cross that bridge when we come to it.  As the exercise always helps his PPSM so much, and he will be walking all day, on a movable high line all night so hopefully it will all balance out in the end.  We can only try.

So I pray for Navarre to be healthy!
and I pray he will have fun and not be sick!

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