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Monday, December 19, 2011

Navarre and his PPSM, EPSM which ever your vet uses...

Considering all the riding we have been doing for this little ride, I am still worried about Navarre and how he is going to handle all the long walks each day with his loaded pack.   see the ride blog if you want a visual! click here!

I am the one all a muck! My mind that is... I'm worried about the hay stretcher, as I have had to cut it back during our training rides as Navarre was starting to look a little more stiff.  Sure enough sense I have cut him back ... only one week... he is now acting like a kid again running, bucking, and having fun like any kid should.

This long ride, and the PPSM is going to be a balancing act.

I have 12 days of feed ready for the ride, and while I have no more room in my dinning room to keep any more than that... I am also needing the ability to adjust the feed as I am going on down the road each day.

Hay stretcher... I am having to replace their hay with a stretcher in order to keep their gut moving along all night as they are tied on a high line.  The issue is only with Navarre as it contains a little molasses in order to assist with the binding of the soy hulls, peanut hulls, alfalfa, and timothy.  I've done all I can to keep the alfalfa down to a minimum, and the sugar is down on the list but it apparently affected him enough that I noticed!  

Wish me luck, the oil I am carrying for Navarre is most of my weight!   Well at this point it is HIS weight as he as had his full gear on.

My fears on this little ride. 
Keeping Navarre healthy! 
and not being hit by some idiot staring at us and running right into us! 

Life is short ... I just don't want to loose Navarre because of someone else being stupid!

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